Wine cellar by Wodna Street

Unique climate

The cellar originates from 1786, and was built by one of the most famous winemakers – Johann Jeremias Seydel. The extraordinary style of its interior design makes it probably the only wine cellar of such character in Poland! Thanks to its rareness, the cellar belongs to the most unique winemaking treasures of Zielona Góra.

Sparkling wine and other tipples

Nowadays, wines from the Miłosz Vineyard are held in the cellar, including predominantly sparkling wines made by the traditional method.

Basing on the traditions from the best time of Zielona Góra’s winemaking, Grempler Sekt matures here in special bottles… upside down! But why is it held just in this way? You can find out about it in the very cellar, because wine tasting and presentation, concerts and other artistic events are organized here. 

ullica Wodna 32
tel. +48 609 882 325