How to get to Zielona Góra?

By car

Thanks to the city’s location at the junction of the communication routes, the access to Zielona Góra is easy and comfortable.

Below you can find the approximate time of a drive:

Access by S3 (expressway)

  • Świnoujście – Zielona Góra: 3,5 hours
  • Szczecin – Zielona Góra: 2 hours
  • Wrocław – Zielona Góra: 2 hours
  • Jelenia Góra – Zielona Góra: 2 hours

Access by A2 (motorway)

  • Łódź – Zielona Góra: 3,5 hours
  • Bydgoszcz – Zielona Góra: 3,5 hours
  • Poznań – Zielona Góra: 1,5 hours

Access by A4 (motorway)

  • Katowice – Zielona Góra: 3,5 hours
  • Cracow- Zielona Góra: 4,5 hours

By train

Fans of train travels will surely like a railway direct connection between Zielona Góra and many cities in Poland and abroad.

Below you can find the exemplary routes and the approximate time of transit:

  • Gdańsk – Zielona Góra: 6,5 hours
  • Warsaw – Zielona Góra: 7,5 hours
  • Lublin – Zielona Góra: 10 hours
  • Cracow – Zielona Góra: 6,5 hours

By plane

The Zielona Góra – Babimost Airport gives an ideal solution for those who want to get to Zielona Góra quickly.

All details are available on the website: