Winemaking in Zielona Góra

Picturesque location

Not only does the location of Zielona Góra and its surroundings enable you to admire amazing views, but it is also one of the key factors favourable for grapevine growing in the region. According to the oral tradition, the first local vineyards originated from circa 1150. However, the oldest documented information about grapevine cultivation in this area comes from 1314. Since this time the local winemaking has experienced its ups and downs, but has never stopped being an important characteristic of Zielona Góra. Currently, it is the 35-hectare vineyard situated next to the Lubuskie Winemaking Centre in Zabór which is one of the most representative places in the region.

Winemakers’ houses

Perhaps it is hard to imagine, but over 200 years ago in the city there were several hundred of winemakers’ houses, inside which winepresses were located, wine matured in barrels and equipment was stored. The best preserved winemaker’s house, which dates back to 1818 and now is part of the Palm House, is located in Winery Park.

Solaris, Regent, or Grempler Sekt?

The traces of the winemaking traditions could be also found in the Wine Museum (part of the Lubuskie Region Museum), the only such a place in the country. Visitors can also be fascinated with “underground Zielona Góra”, i.e. the most unique wine cellars in the whole country, which are more and more often used to promote the regional viticulture. Local wines are becoming increasingly recognised in Poland and abroad. Residents of Zielona Góra regularly choose to buy local Riesling, Solaris, or Regent. New Year’s Day is celebrated in the company of the Grempler Sekt wine whose name relates to the winemaking factory from the 19th century where the production of the first sparkling wine in contemporary Germany started.

The biggest Wine Festival in Poland!

Winobranie (the Wine Festival) is the most important event in the city and takes place in September every year. It is a special period in Zielona Góra, while the city becomes a big stage full of good fun and local wine. Many attractions are prepared for both residents and tourists, including concerts, open-air games, sports competitions, a collector’s market, the Wine Festival fair and the colourful parade led by Bacchus. The history of the Wine Festival is dated back to 1852 when for the first time winemakers marched through the city in order to celebrate rich harvest together with residents.

Come and feel the aura of the few-hundred-year-old winemaking history.

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In Zielona Góra and its surroundings several local vineyards work. Their location together with the natural environment by the Oder river and large forest areas create the picturesque landscape. During a visit at the vineyards, you can spend quality time, listening to winemakers' stories and tasting regional products. Thereby, you…
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Wine cellars

In 1800, wine from over 2000 vineyards in Zielona Góra was held in special wine cellars. Only part of them survived until today and we choose the most interesting for you to visit. Check our propositions.
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Shops with local wine

Mellow and exquisite Pinot Noir, Solaris captivating with its sweetness, or perhaps aromatic Traminer? These and other kinds of wine typical of the lubuskie region are available in the local wine shops.
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Top events related to the winemaking tradition

Although it is the Wine Festival which is the best-known celebration of the Zielona Góra’s winemaking tradition, a few more events of such character are organised in our town. Explore the local winemaking world and let us invite you to one of the events.
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