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Do you need a guide service in Zielona Góra?

The tourist season is knocking at the door. If you want to get to know Zielona Góra and its neighbouring vicinity better, contact us. We will eagerly advise you and answer all your questions.

A guided tour is a nice way to find out more about the city. Therefore, we have prepared a package of interesting programmes concerning such tours for you. What is more, each programme can be adjusted to your individual needs.

Useful information

Coach park:
– a coach bay near the philharmonic hall – Plac Powstańców Wielkopolskich (up to 20 min.),
– the Sport and Recreation Centre – ulica Sulechowska 41,
– the Nature Centre – ulica Gen. Jarosława Dąbrowskiego 10,
the Palm House – temporarily closed.

Public toilets (paid):
– the town hall – Stary Rynek 1,
– Pod Topolami – ulica Pod Topolami 25,
– the bus interchange station – ulica Gen. Józefa Bema 5,
– the train station – ulica Dworcowa 32c.

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