For the active

Get to know the active face of the city!

Sightseeing and exploring history is not your favourite way of spending free time? Are you interested in more active recreation?
Check the list of the attractions that Zielona Góra offers for such visitors as you.
Numerous bicycle paths as well as walking or Nordic walking trails will surely allow you to see the city from a different perspective.

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Zielona Góra na rowerze

Zielona Góra by bike

What makes you feel going for an out-of-town cycling tour? The answer is obvious – stunning views and safe paths! Zielona Góra has both. Thanks to the extended network of bicycle paths, which is still being developed, you can successfully plan your cycling excursion, taking into account the most interesting…
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Other attractions

A visit to a go-kart track, a parachute jump or a round of golf? See our propositions for active recreation in Zielona Góra and its vicinity.
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April 2022
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