Top 10

Top 10 attractions of the city within reach.

The list of the top 10 attractions will certainly guide you around the most characteristic places in Zielona Góra and will inspire you to visit others.

Zielona Góra’s pedestrian area

Go for a walk along one of the longest walking areas in Poland. Colourful tenement houses, many cafés and amusing figurines of the Little Bacchuses will make you want to stay here longer.
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Podświetlona Palmiarnia w Zielonej Górze

Palm House Restaurant and Winery Park

In the Palm House, which consists of a huge glass construction and a wine house from 1818, you can find various attractions. What is more, Winery Park ideally complements the character of this place located on a hill in the very centre of the city!
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Bachusik Magikus Zamiennikus

Route of the Little Bacchuses

In Zielona Góra, over 60 amusing figurines are waiting to be found! Go for a walk along the Route of the Little Bacchuses and get to know the city from a completely new perspective. How do you think? Will you manage to find all of the figurines?
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Zatonie Ducal Park

Zatonie Ducal Park is one of the favourite weekend destinations of Zielona Góra’s residents. See why.
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Lubuskie Region Museum

Get to know the history of Zielona Góra in one of the oldest museum in the Lubuskie province.
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Muzeum Etnograficzne w Ochli w wiosennej odsłonie

Ethnographic Museum in Ochla

In this 13-hectare open-air museum, you can admire as many as 80 historic buildings of folk culture. The Ethnographic Museum in Ochla is also a place of meetings with the local food producers and craftsmen. Come and feel the amazing aura of the old days!
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ruchoma kopuła w planetarium

Kepler Science Centre – the Venus Planetarium

It is probably one of as few as three places in the world where a dome changes its position during a projection.
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Elementy ekspozycji w Centrum Przyrodniczym w Zielonej Górze

Kepler Science Centre – the Nature Centre

Here you can discover the mysteries of nature and science with all your senses.
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Ogród Botaniczny w Zielonej Górze.

Botanical Garden and Mini-Zoo

The abundance of plants and a mini-zoo will make your family walk real joy!
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Festiwal kolorów pod Centrum Rekreacyjnym w Zielonej Góze

Sports and Recreation Centre

A 210-metre water slide is only one of many attractions that are waiting for you in the Sports and Recreation Centre!
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