Lubuskie Region Museum

Over 17 000 of museum pieces

The Lubuskie Region Museum is one of the oldest museums in the Lubuskie province and originates from a German museum called Heimatmuseum established in 1922. The collections of the museum total over 17 000 of museum pieces and are exhibited in the following curatorial departments: of old art, of modern art, of history and of winemaking. 

The only Wine Museum in Poland

Apart from numerous temporary exhibitions, the museum also houses permanent ones, among others, the Wine Museum which presents the history of winemaking in the region, as well as the Old Tortures Museum where the application of penal law is shown together with witch trials. In the department called the Museum of Zielona Góra, you can learn the city’s history. Art, in turn, is presented in the Sacred Art Gallery, Tadeusz Kuntze’s Gallery, Marian Kruczek’s Gallery, the Stained Glass Gallery and the Clock Hall. 

Extension of the museum

Thanks to the extension that took place in 2020, the Lubuskie Region Museum became even more interesting. New exhibitions and unique museum pieces will surely make you feel the aura of the old Zielona Góra.

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