Municipal public transport

On the streets of Zielona Góra for 65 years

Initially, Zielona Góra’s public city buses moved through 4 routes:

  • the town hall-Racula;
  • the town hall-Jędrzychów;
  • the town hall-Chynów;
  • the town hall-Przylep.

Nowadays, our city and the villages of the Zabór rural borough have 89 buses (including 43 electric ones) which shuttle across as many as 24 routes!

Modern bus interchange centre

The bus interchange centre located by 5 Bema Street is an ideal start of each trip around the city by bus. It is situated in the neighbourhood of the train station, and that is why, you can get on a yellow-white-and-green bus almost immediately after getting off a train. Additionally, a few-storey bicycle parking stands nearby.

Ticket price list

  • Half-price ticket (single-transit) – 1,50 zł
  • Full-price ticket (single-transit) – 3,00 zł
  • 24-hour half-price ticket – 6,00 zł
  • 24-hour full-price ticket – 12,00 zł

Where to buy a ticket?

You can buy a ticket in the points of sale, in ticket machines, or directly in buses where you can pay by cash or by a contactless card.

The comprehensive information about the tickets is available here.

How to plan a trip?

While planning you trip, the website of Miejski Zakład Komunikacji w Zielonej Górze can help you. All of the information, you can find here.