Zielona Góra on foot

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The Nordic walking land of Zielona Góra called the Piast Hills is situated in the western part of the city. The trails, which are frequently visited by lovers of relaxing walks, will surely delight you. “Szybki Bismarck” (the Quick Bismarck), “Wielka Piasta” (the Big Piast) or “Jagodowych Wzgórz” (the Blueberry Hills) are the names of only a few picturesque trails worth walking along.
It is here that you can also find the highest point of Zielona Góra (210.8 MSL).

Top 5 Nordic walking trails

The Piast Hills will surely impress you with their natural beauty. Get to know the top 5 propositions of the trails that will lead you through the picturesque woodlands of Zielona Góra.
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Oder Riverine Forest

The Oder Riverine Forest (Ger. Oderwald) is an extensive and impressive natural area covering old river beds of the Oder.
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