Oder Riverine Forest

For fans of nature

The Oder Riverine Forest (Ger. Oderwald) is an extensive and impressive natural area covering old river beds of the Oder. It is located about 10 km north of the city centre. You can go for a walk or ride a bike there. In the forest, you can find information boards which will tell you what species of plants and animals live there.

You can get there, for example, from Łężyca by a Nordic walking trail called “Do Lasu Odrzańskiego” (To the Oder Riverine Forest) or by car from Krępa.

By the bank of the Oder, there is the only marina within the borders of Zielona Góra.

The Oder Riverine Forest impresses all year round. In the spring, summer, autumn or winter – it is always worth going for a walk there among the beautiful views, lush plants and calm. While exploring the forest, you must listen to the sounds of nature!