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In Zielona Góra and its neighbouring vicinity, several local vineyards are still operating. Their locations together with their natural surroundings by the Oder River and large woodland create a very picturesque landscape. During a visit to the vineyards, you can have a good time, listen to the winemakers’ stories and taste some regional products. Thereby, you can see why Zielona Góra is called “Polish Tuscany.”


Julia Vineyard

The vineyard was established in 2003 by the Grad family and is located as few as 5 km from Zielona Góra’s centre. The Park of Miniature Historic Wine Buildings constitutes a unique additional attraction of this place.
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Ingrid Vineyard

The combination of fine wines and picturesque landscapes will make you feel the authentic aura of the wine land of the Lubuskie province. The aroma of lavender, which spreads in the air, ideally complements the atmosphere.
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Miłosz Vineyard

The vineyard is located in the vicinity of the biggest vineyard in Poland belonging to a local government. The host of the Miłosz Vineyard grows crops of grape varieties relating to the pre-war winemaking traditions of Zielona Góra and the region.
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Żelazny Vineyard

This vineyard is situated among picturesque hills between the villages of Łaz and Zabór. Its wines are characterised by high quality, intense aroma and flavour.
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Trojan Vineyard

The vineyard extends across 2 hectares and contains 8000 vine shrubs. The wines from the Trojan Vineyard have won many medals in various wine competitions in Poland and abroad.
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Stara Winna Góra Vineyard

The vineyard is situated on the hills by the Oder River in the village of Górzykowo. The vines that grow on the sheer side of the proglacial stream valley of the Oder create a magical and extraordinary aura. There is also a stately wine mansion with a spa zone.
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Winnogóra Vineyard

This extraordinary place located in the village of Górzykowo constitutes a combination of a garden, a park and a vineyard. What is more, the meticulously made wines can surprise you with the diversity of their smells.
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Pod Lipą Vineyard

Modern architecture, fine wines and a beautiful view of the Oder river’s bend are the elements which feature the vineyard located in the village of Górzykowo. In the shade of the large lime tree, which gave an inspiration for the name of the vineyard, you can taste wines of Riesling, Pinot Noir or Regent varieties.
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Mozów Vineyard

Mozów 63, 66-100 Sulechów tel: +48 660493034 Planting area: 4 ha Year of the vineyard establishment: 2007
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Cantina Vineyard

Wine has been made there since 2006 and is marked by a rich aroma and intense flavour. During a visit, you should pay attention to the elements of architecture related to winemaking which have been ideally incorporated into the landscape full of garpevines.
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Kinga Vineyard

It is a multigenerational farm established in 1985 in the village of Stara Wieś. The vineyard was drastically damaged in 1997 by a flood. However, currently it is thriving again.
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Lubuskie Winemaking Centre

It is a place where you can get to know the history of grapevine cultivation in our region and learn about which varieties our local winemakers grow the most eagerly and which wine is the most popular locally.
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