Cantina Vineyard

Cantina Vineyard

The vineyard is run by the Pacholak family. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere you can feel here at home. Wines have been made here since 2006 and are marked by a rich aroma and intense flavour. During the visit, you should pay attention to the elements of architecture related to winemaking which have been ideally incorporated into the landscape full of vines. An additional attraction are animals which run around the area of the vineyard, with the horse, Marian, in the lead. 

General information

Mozów 13, 66-100 Sulechów
tel: +48 691 914 849, +48 695 657 069
Planting area: 3,3 ha
Year of the vineyard establishment: 2006


Riesling 2020 (white, semi-dry)
Riesling Pet-nat 2020 (white, sparkling)
Sauvignon blanc 2020 (white, dry)
Sauvignon blanc Pet-nat 2020 (white, sparkling)
Vereventi 2020 (white, semi-dry)

Regent 2020 (red, dry)
Dornfelder 2020 (red, dry)

Points of sale


  • the Cantina Vineyard

Zielona Góra 

  • the wine cellar in Park Winny (Winery Park)
  • Restauracja Palmiarnia (the Palm House Restaurant)
  • Salon Alkoholi Eluxo (wineshop)
  • Wina Świata (wineshop)


  • Gardenbistro Restaurant
  • Salcum-Fixum, Sivy Dym Grill&Chill


  • Restauracja i Pensjonat Winnica Nawrot (Nawrot Vineyard Restaurant and Guest House)

Wine tasting

Three types of wine with a little treat – 30 zł/person

The treat includes: cold treats (for example hams and cheeses)

Place of a tasting: a special building for 100 people within the area of the vineyard  

Useful information

Group service: up to 100 people
Parking for coaches: YES
Individual tourist service: YES
For children: a volleyball court, a sandpit, swings; a horse called Marian lives in the vineyard as well