Festival of the Open Wine Cellars

Festival of the Open Wine Cellars

The first edition of the festival took place in 2019 and turned out to be a success.
During the event, you can visit several wine cellars of Zielona Góra which are largely unavailable for tourists on a daily basis. Thanks to the idea of the festival, you can sightsee the underground world of the city and meet the local winemakers who are waiting for you in each cellar with their wine for tasting and purchase.

The wine cellars constitute the best-preserved part of Zielona Góra’s winemaking architecture. Nowadays, some of them serve as restaurants or cafes, such as the Bacchus Restaurant and Wine Bar located in a 14th/15th-century wine cellar of the town hall.

Other wine cellars date back to later centuries, from the 16th century to the 19th century. Without a doubt, the most popular local wine cellar is the one situated in August Grempler’s wine house from 1818, which now is a part of the Palm House Restaurant.

Johann Seydel’s old wine cellar located on 32 Wodna Street is also of special interest. Seydel was one of the most prominent winemakers and wine merchants in Zielona Góra. His cellar, in turn, distinguishes itself from the others both locally and nationally by its original interior.

You should definitely see all the open wine cellars, pay attention to their diversified character, and while standing between the walls imbued with the winemaking history, feel the extraordinary climate of Zielona Góra’s viticultural old days.