Gęsie Tarasy Rope Park

Gęsie Tarasy Rope Park

One of many sports and recreational attractions in Dolina Gęśnika Park (Gęśnik Valley Park). The 290-meter-long rope park hangs over a picturesque stream. It includes, among other things, 2 slides, climbing obstacles and a Tyrolean traverse.

Additional information

During a visit in the Rope Park, you should go for a walk around its neighbourhood. Dolina Gęśnika Park (Gęśnik Valley Park) offers many other attractions. You can find there not only pedestrian lanes, but also a sports court called Orilk or a traffic park. Additionally, if you plan to take your dog for a walk, you must visit a special zone for dogs.

How to get there?

You can get to the Rope Park, going by car or a public city bus. You can find out how to do that from this section.

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