The Kepler Science Centre – the Nature Centre

The Nature Centre

It is a modern complex which entertains and teaches its visitors. In the Nature Center, both permanent and temporary expositions are presented. There are many interactive exhibits related to various fields of physics, biology, knowledge about a human and the Earth.

Discover the mysteries of the nature with all your senses

Each exhibit will inspire and awaken your mind, connote, prompt you to ask questions and look for answers.

In the Centre, you can find:

  • Specialized software + Microsoft Kinect depth sensors,
  • Oculus Samsung VR (goggles of virtual reality),
  • Microsoft Kinect for Windows, exhibit of augmented reality.

How to get there?

You can get to the Nature Centre by car or by public bus. You can find out how to do that from this section.

We also encourage you to go for a walk because the destination is located as few as 10 minutes on foot from the city centre.

ul. Gen. J. Dąbrowskiego 14
tel. +48 660 481 635