Palm House Restaurant and Winery Park

Palm House Restaurant and Winery Park

The Palm House Restaurant invites fans of both delicious meals and exotic plants. You can see there one of the biggest palms in Poland and numerous aquariums. Apart from the restaurant, inside the building, you can find a café, a fountain and two observation decks. What is more, the Palm House is surrounded by Winery Park with a plant maze and a playground.

Take a photo!

Don’t forget to take photos! Next to the Palm House, there are two especially attractive and distinctive places:

1. the famous installation of the “I <3 Zielona” inscription,
2. the monument of the Boy with the Horse.

How to get there?

You can get to the Palm House, going by car or a public city bus. You can find out how to do that from this section.

We also encourage you to go for a walk because the destination is located as few as 10 minutes on foot from the city centre.

ulica Wrocławska 12a
tel: +48 68 478 45 450