The Route of the Little Bacchuses

Bacchus? Who is this?

Bacchus is the God of wine and the emblem of Zielona Góra that is closely connected with winemaking. As the legend says, after Bacchus’s death, the drops of his blood sprinkled our land, and thus, made it the furthest wine region towards the north. Currently, Bacchus has even its own monument which dates back to 2010 and is located in the very centre of the pedestrian area. The appearance of this monument triggered the creation of the next sculptures that form the Route of the Little Bacchuses.

Ciekawek, Beczkus, Transportikus…

These are only a few names of the Little Bacchuses. In Zielona Góra, there are over 50 such figurines situated mainly in the pedestrian area. They hide themselves in the corners of the city and welcome adventure seekers. A walk in search of these funny figurines gives a nice occasion to play and explore Zielona Góra!