Winobranie (the Wine Festival)

The Wine Festival

It is the biggest wine festival in Poland. Each year it takes place in the first part of September.

During the Wine Festival week, Bacchus, the god of wine and symbol of Zielona Góra, gets the keys to the city and thus takes a power over it. Under his supervision, Zielona Góra becomes a stage full of attractions, such as concerts, open-air games, sports and cultural events.

Fair, concerts and… the wine town

Every year the programme is also filled with various accompanying events. The Wine Festival Fair organized in the pedestrian area is an important point as well. Additionally, there is the so-called wine town located around the town hall where local winemakers present their products. The Festival of Wine Tradition – Wine-Buses constitutes an inseparable element, thanks to which you can visit one of the local vineyards by special buses. There winemakers talk about their vineyards, viticulture, showing their guests around their property, where visitors have a chance to see how winemakers’ work looks from inside out. The price of the visit also contains a local wine tasting.

The Wine Festival Parade

The traditional Wine Festival Parade dated back to the last century ceremonially sums up the holiday of Zielona Góra and takes place on the second Saturday of the Wine Festival at noon. Each year it is differentially themed. Winemakers and artists, schools, as well as the residents of Zielona Góra take part in it, strolling down the main streets of the city in colourful disguise, in the rhythm of music, and in the company of artwork. One thing is sure – the Wine Festival is the craziest week of a year in Zielona Góra, full of entertainment of all stripes, good joy and celebration of the restoring wine tradition.