Zielona Góra City Bike

Zielona Góra by bike? We recommend the Zielona Góra City Bike.

At 40 stations, 400 bicycles are available for residents and tourists’ use, including cargo bicycles and tandems.

The project promotes spending free time actively in the open air and lets you explore Zielona Góra in a convenient, eco-friendly and spontaneous way.


  1. Fill in the registration form on www.zielonogorskirowermiejski.pl or by means of the “NextBike” application (Android or iOS). Log in your account.
  2. Accept the terms of use and pay a one-off fee of 10 zlotys, a non-returnable initial payment.
  3. After the registration, you will receive an e-mail with the activation link. Click on it to activate your account. Then, fill in your NIN/SSN/PESEL number in your account on www.zielonogorskirowermiejski.pl
  4. That’s all! Now you can explore Zielona Góra by a city bike!

Hire is easy

You can hire a city bike directly from one of 40 stations or via the application operated by Android or iOS..
First 20 minutes are free!
Explore Zielona Góra by a city bike!
For further information, visit www.zielonogorskirowermiejski.pl

Price list

  • Initial, one-time fee: 10 zł
  • 0 to 20 minutes: 0 zł
  • 21 to 60 minut: 2 zł
  • Each additional hour: 4 zł

* The fee is charged up to one second.
* Fees for individual periods are added up.
* Your phone will display a security lock code (in case you want to securely attach your bike during a break or at a station that is already full). Memorise your code or check it in the application.
* Return a bicycle -> Ride to a chosen station and enter a bicycle to the electro-lock. The bicycle will be automatically returned.