Wild Ochla

Biggest amusement park in the city!

Wild Ochla is a recreational park situated opposite the recreational and holiday resort by the street called ulica Botaniczna.

There you can find many attractions for both children and adults.

Thanks to the facilities located in the open air, you can spend time actively, relax surrounded by nature, play, compete with friends and family and feel a thrill.

Lots of attractions

A lot of attractions will give you a boost of adrenaline. There is: a rope park, a Tyrolean crossing under a pond, bouncy castles, water bikes, AquaSkippers, a flight simulator, a climbing wall and many others.

Of course, professional instructors keep a close eye on all the activities and provide you with personal protective equipment.

For those who prefer a clam relaxation, a beach, boats and water bikes are available.

Wild Ochla also offers music evenings and an organised campfire, and for fans of sport – live coverage of matches and sports competitions.

Become a pirate!

Among other things, children can swim in paddling pools or take part in search of treasure on the board of a pirate ship. What is more, they can also keep the prize they will find!

In addition, children can play in bouncy castles or go for a ride by an original melex, i.e. a Polish electric micro-car.