Falubaz Zielona Góra


Falubaz Zielona Góra is a speedway club, a seven-time champion team of Poland, whose brand name is well-known both in Poland and abroad.

Falubaz rides its competitions at the stadium called by the local residents as W69. From what does this name derive? It draws on the stadium’s address – ulica Wrocławska 69. The arena in question can seat circa 15 000 people and is very often fully filled with spectators. For every single match, the fans of the team prepare a spectacular setting, including cheers and banners, which are really worth seeing with your own eyes!

Falubaz also offers a special place for families with children. During matches, you and your family can sit in a section situated right next to the starting line of the track. Additionally, so called Strefa Falubaziaka (the Falubaz Little Fan Zone) operates at the stadium and is open before each competition in the league. Children can find here many attractions, such as contests, games, treats and a meeting with Falubaz’s mascot – the Moto Mouse.

Team’s emblem and colours

One of the best-known elements connected with Falubaz is the team’s emblem. The characteristic mouse has accompanied our speedway riders for years and has already become a part of the club and the whole city’s history. The club’s colours are: yellow, white and green.

Yellow, White and Greens

Below you can find the figures of the most popular riders who come from Zielona Góra and started their speedway carrier in our city:

  • Andrzej Huszcza – has spent as many as 33 years on the track, has achieved many successes and thus become a living legend of speedway in Zielona Góra. What is interesting, a monument of Huszcza is situated in the pedestrian area next to the Lubuski Theatre.
  • Piotr Protasiewicz – a team captain, a 1996 individual junior world champion (the first Pole who triumphed in this competition) and a 1999 individual champion of Poland.
  • Patryk Dudek – a 2017 individual world vice-champion, a 2016 individual champion of Poland and a 2013 individual junior world champion.